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21 語中 1~21番目

問題 解答 出題数 習得度 苦手度
to say that someone has done something morally wrong. illegal. or unkind accuse - - -
to judge or decide the amount. value. quality or importance of something assess - - -
to tell someone confidently that something is true. especially so that they do not worry assure - - -
to try to do something. especially something difficult attempt - - -
to remove or take out something extract to send someone away from country and not allow them to come back banish - - -
to decide officially in a law court that someone is guilty of a crime convict - - -
to persuade someone or make someone certain convince - - -
to say magic words that are intended to bring bad luck to someone curse - - -
to force someone officially to stay in a place detain - - -
to guess or calculate the cost. size. value. etc. of something estimate - - -
to kill someone as a legal punishment execute - - -
to decide what the intended meaning of something is interpret - - -
to get something. especially by asking for it.buying it. working for it or producing it from something else obtain - - -
to defeat or remove someone from power. using force overthrow - - -
to say that an event or action will happen in the future. especially as a result of knowledge or experience predict - - -
to officially refuse to allow something prohibit - - -
to cut and collect a grain crop reap - - -
to comfort someone and stop them from worrying reassure - - -
to bend the top half of the body forward and down stoop - - -
to represent something symbolize - - -
to try to deal with something or someone tackle - - -

21 語中 1~21番目