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Descriptive Statistics

The information in this list was taken from slides prepared by Professor Herman Bennett of the Harvard Kennedy School. This list will cover the following:→What data are
» Observation, variable, population, sample
→How to graphically represent data
» Histograms and distributions
→How to describe data features in a single number
» Descriptive statistics: mean, variance, standard deviation, etc
→How to describe the relationship between two variables
» Covariance and correlation
» Correlation and causality

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A distribution with two peaks. Bimodal Distribution - - -
A common tool used to summarize data by organizing it into r Bins - - -
A variable that is itself not a number, but datasets represe Categorical Variable - - -
measures the symettry of a data set around the mean. Coefficient of Skewness - - -
Ratio of the standard deviation of the data set to the mean. Coefficient of Variation - - -
Denoted by r, it allows comparisons between covariances by d Correlation Coefficient - - -
The basic statistic to measure the relationship between two Covariance - - -
A histogram that plots the fraction of observations in the d Cumulative Frequency Distribution - - -
Numerical representations of phenomena we observe in the wor Data - - -
The entire collection of observations and variables that are Dataset - - -
A special case of categorical variable that takes the value Dummy Variable - - -
A barchart which displays the frequency of observations in a Histogram - - -
The arithmetic average of all values of a variable in the da Mean - - -
A common measure that best describes the middle or center of Measures of Central Tendency - - -
Measures that provide information that describes individual Measures of Dispersion - - -
The value of the variable for the middle observation when ob Median - - -
The peak in a distribution. Mode - - -
The most repeated value Mode - - -
A variable that is itself a number (i.e. income, age, # of k Numerical Variable - - -
The unit of analysis; e.g.: an individual, a political juris Observation - - -
A statistical observation that is markedly different in valu Outlier - - -
The collection of ALL relevant observations. Population - - -
A collection of obser vations comprising only a subset of th Sample - - -
Graphs each observation as one dot, using the X-axis for one Scatter Plot - - -
Any number that is a function of the data Statistic - - -
A distribution with symmetric tails. Symmetric Distribution - - -
The diminishing ends of a distribution. Tails - - -
A distribution with one peak. Unimodal Distribution - - -
A characteristic recorded for each observation. Variable - - -
The average of squared deviations from the mean Variance - - -
Gives the number below which X% of the data lies. Xth percentile - - -
Measures how far an observation is from the mean of the dist Z-Score - - -

32 語中 1~32番目