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【Interviews on the Street】 People on the street were asked the following survey qruestion: "What characteristic do you admire most in a person?" Here are some of the answers received. Norma Martinez, psychologist: "I think it's showing compassion for others. When I listen to other people's problems, I realize how much people want others to understand their feelings." Paul Robinson, office administrator: "I would say diligence and hard work. A person who is industrious can accomplish so much at the office." Mel Smith, parking attendant: "I like a person who has optimism and looks on the bright side of things. When I'm parking cars, I don't want to hear customers complain too much." 【A Color Personality Test】 Hey, I tried this online personality test. The analysis was based on my favorite colors. I was a little skeptical at first, but it was amazingly accurate. Here are my results: 《YOUT SITUATION》 You like activities that provide excitement or stimulation. You want to feel inspired. 《YOUR MAIN STRESSES》 You sometimes experience feelings of emptiness and lineliness. You enjoy competition, but other people may think you are too competitve. You have a tendency to be pessimistic. 《YOUR GOALS》 You believe that life has a lot more to offer. You hope to achieve great things and you pursue your goals fiercely. You seek close relationships in which there is intense love and deep mutual trust. Try it and let me know what you think!
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速読速聴・英単語 Advanced 1000 (1)
Z会の「速読速聴・英単語 Advanced 1000」の単語を覚えるためのリストです。 見出し語以外に、個人的に必要な単語もピックアップしています。 英検準1級~1級レベル? (1)は「1. The Big Dry」からの単語・熟語 誤りを見つけられた方は、ご一報頂けると助かります。 ※注)このシリーズは、作成時間の関係で例文がありません。すみません。
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